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More and more often I see parents who are really invested in their children’s education, especially early learning.  From working parents to stay at home parents, and even homeschooling families, everyone just wants to make sure that their child gets the best education they can provide.

Unfortunately, many parents struggle with how to educate their kids.  Whether its struggling to find balance within their days, knowing what and how they should be teaching, or even fighting with themselves as they think they are “not crafty or creative enough” to do things with their children.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I LOVE PINTEREST!  I think it is one of the most fantastic inventions since the creation of the internet.  I love how it puts anything I want right at my fingertips with pretty pictures and cute captions, but I think it has a lot of downsides too.  (Sorry Pinterest!)  The biggest problem being that it leads people to believe that learning has to be fancy and flashy, or a big production.  We forget that humans have been learning organically for thousands of years, and still can!

There are SOOO MANY great projects and teaching ideas for EVERYTHING  that I could easily spend the rest of my life buying new toys and creating new projects and coloring and cutting and laminating and quite possibly forget my children exist….  Don’t fall into the Pinterest trap.  Don’t get so caught up in projects that you lose time with your kids.

So I’m here to tell you that YOU CAN teach your children!!  You can do it 5 minutes at a time.  You can do it while you’re driving to the bank.  You can do it with nothing more than a blank sheet of paper and a pack of markers.

Still not sure if Stealthy Teaching is for you??  Well, I really am Stealthy, and can help pretty much anyone.  So I ask,  “Who are you??”

Stay at Home Parents

You’re with your children ALL DAY LONG.  Chances are you are home with them because you thought that was the best option for your family, but that doesn’t always mean you are crafty or know what kids actually need to know for kindergarten.  It does generally mean that you have a laundry list (usually including laundry) of other things you need to get done every day.  So why not do both?  Check off that list and get smarter kids, no glitter involved!

Want to know how to sneak education into your chores?  Check this out!

Get more use out of the toys you already have!  Here’s how…

Home School Families

You already have a curriculum you’re already working from, but Stealthy Teaching methods are still for you! These simple tricks will give you fun and easy ways to make connections to what you’re learning, and practice skills without the effort of extra lessons or materials.  I can also help you trouble shoot many of the problems you may encounter while trying to teach your own children.

Struggling with kids who don’t want to sit down and learn with you?  I can help!

Working Parents

You may think you don’t have time to sit down and teach your child, and maybe you don’t, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work on building skills!  Most Stealthy Teaching methods allow you to teach your child while you’re doing other things, like cooking dinner, driving, or getting your kiddos ready for bed.

Want to teach your children while you do other stuff?  The Grocery Games are for you!

Parents of School Aged children

While Stealthy Teaching is primarily aimed at the Early Childhood age range, it will still work great for older students.   From primary students learning sight words and math facts, to middle schoolers or high schoolers memorizing dates and facts, Stealthy Teaching methods will help them learn what they need to know, quicker and with less stress for all.

Learn to encourage your older child and prepare them for life and careers!

Parents who are NOT CRAFTY/don’t know how to teach/don’t want to make complicated projects

The beauty of Stealth is that it is subtle.  There are no projects necessary, and most of the time, no materials!  Once you learn a couple of Stealthy tricks you’ll see learning opportunities everywhere, with no prep work required.

Want fun game ideas with NO set up? Start easy, go on a Shape Hunt!

Nannies/ Babysitters/Daycare Providers

You spend countless hours with other people’s children, and chances are you are already doing tons of fun, crafty, and educational activities everyday.  Stealthy Teaching won’t replace your daily activities, but it will provide tons of learning that you can squeeze in to all of the down time, or some supplemental ideas for you to try!

Want to try out the fastest, easiest, least craftiest (is that a thing??) learning games ever?  Try your hand at a Table Top Game!

Still wondering if Stealthy Teaching is for you?  Send me a message, or ask a question, I’ll help you create your very own Stealthy Teaching plan to fit more learning into your life!

Happy Learning!

The Stealthy Teacher


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