Personal Information



Personal information is so so important for children to know, and is so often overlooked.  It used to be a standard part of the kindergarten curriculum, but with modern standards rising higher and higher in schools, it is often left out altogether.

What types of things should your child know?

  • Name!! Can your child give their first and last name when asked?  Practice asking your child their name, or have your friends and family ask!
  • Parent’s Names- Make sure that if asked your child can give your first and last name.  There is nothing worse than a lost or frightened child who's best answer to "What's your mom's name?" is "Mommy".  Talk about your names while you go about your day, and quiz them periodically.  
  • Address- I also consider this one a safety issue.  Start small and mention the street name every time you turn onto it.  Point out your house numbers every time you see them.  For a little added reinforcement, take a photo of your house (with the number visible) and hang it on your fridge.  Talk about it whenever you see it! 
  • Phone Number- This can be a tricky one if you have no house phone and four cell phones in the family.  Choose one number to be the "emergency number" and teach that one to your child first.  This will have to be straight up memorization so repeat it often, or sing it with a simple tune!

Don't worry, with a couple of stealthy tricks, your child will learn all of this in no time!