We’re Going on a Shape Hunt!



Today was a just such a gorgeous Autumn day that we had to get outside for a bit.  We headed over to the nearest park for a little adventuring, some fall discover, and a picnic lunch.

When we set out I had planned for us to look for signs of fall and gather some leaves and acorns to bring home for later.  Of course when I got to the park, my Stealthy Teacher eye started to notice some things I hadn’t really seen before: shapes everywhere!

Circles in a bike rack.

For some reason on this visit I really started to notice what a huge variety of shapes there were around the park, and couldn’t resist using them to my advantage.  This was the beginning of our #shapehunt!

A square in the stone work.

Too often we get hung up in making fancy games or buying various toys and learning materials that we forget that things like shapes are already all around us, and all we need to do is look for them.

A triangle in the cement.

Not only is a #shapehunt a fast and free way to help build shape recognition, but I may even argue that it is a better way to practice than with pre-made toys.  It’s not hard to separate shapes when they are uniform and brightly colored, but when your child can spot the square among the stones in the wall, or notice that the picnic table is a rectangle, then you know they have a pretty firm grasp on their shapes.

Rectangular signs (we’re going to ignore those rounded corners this time).

Don’t worry if your child is not ready to pick out shapes in the environment just yet, it does take some skill and practice.  If you are just starting out, begin by finding shapes yourself and pointing them out to your child.  After a few times you will notice that they start to get better, and may even find shapes before you do!

A cylinder trash bin. (Don’t be afraid of 3D shapes! Kids will need to know those too!)

Want to extend this activity?  Take some pictures as you go!  You can join in our #shapehunt on Instagram, or use your photos to make your very own shape book!

I can’t wait to see what shapes you discover on your next walk!

Happy Learning!

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